The Faculty-Staff Club is a great place for special parties, events or meetings. To ensure we can accommodate you and your guests, please make your reservations at least one day in advance. However, we suggest you make reservations for the conference room at least one week in advance.

For any questions about reservations, contact the Club at (619) 594-5178 or e-mail

A hard copy of the reservation form is available for download.

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Moving or rearrange existing furniture for your event?
May incur an additional charge
$50/room per day
(Charge per facility x No. of Days + Audio/Video fees)

1. By the terms of the Agreement, the Responsible Party:

  • Shall be present and available for the duration of the event;
  • Shall ensure that the nature and conduct of the event conform with FSC decorum;
  • Shall be responsible for all correspondence, arrangements, and associations;
  • Shall make all food, beverage, and catering arrangements through Aztec Shops (619-594-7641), which arrangements shall prohibit serving alcoholic beverages without Aztec Shops’ permission and without corkage fees;
  • Shall be promptly and fully liable for the condition and security of the Faculty-Staff Club, its accouterments, and equipment; and
  • Shall be promptly and fully liable for payment for facility-use charges on receipt of invoice.

2. Room rental covers furniture and décor “AS-IS”; otherwise please ask FSC Manager for an estimate.

  • Candles, confetti, rice, nails, tape, adhesives, etc. are not allowed, and any décor must be approved in writing prior to the event.
  • The client can hang signs and put up décor but they are responsible for taking it down, or will incur a fee.

3. For reservations between the hours of 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, all guests including those in the patio and meeting rooms are required to purchase a lunch meal before going through the buffet line.

  • A hard copy or electronic copy of your Purchase Order must be sent to before the start of your event.
  • Reservations cancelled within (5) five business days may be subject to a Late Cancellation Fee
  • Guests are responsible to provide a minimum guaranteed guest count for their reservation 3 business days prior to their meeting/event. If you have fewer guests than your guarantee on the day of your event, you will be required to pay the minimum. If you have more guests than your guarantee, you will be charged accordingly. If your event is cancelled within 3 business days of your reservation, you will be responsible to pay 50% of your minimum guarantee.

4. For Events outside of normal lunch hours (11:00 am – 2:00 pm) that require food and/ or beverages:

  • Room Reservations shall be made through the FSC Manager.
  • Food & Beverage arrangements shall be made through SDSU Catering.
  • No alcohol is allowed; and/or must be approved in writing by SDSU Catering prior to the event.
  • The FSC kitchen shall not be available for private arrangements.
  • The coffee, tea, and soda machines will be turned off during catered events.
  • Catered events cannot begin before 4:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • Any Facility Rental Fees for catered events must be paid in full at least 1 business day before your event at the Faculty-Staff Club. Checks can be made payable to “Aztec Shops”.

5. All food must be consumed within the Faculty-Staff Club premise, including desserts & cookies.

6. Should the Responsible Party fail to comply with these conditions, the FSC Board of Directors reserves the right to determine appropriate action, which may include ineligibility for future use of facilities.

7. By the terms of the Agreement, the Faculty-Staff Club through the FSC Manager shall assure that all services and arrangements are prompt, efficient, and courteous. This reservation shall be confirmed by the dated signatures below.

I have read and agree to the Event Agreement