Photo of Table Dining and Garden


Most do come to enjoy our lunches, but if you're a member, you're welcome to eat your bag lunch at designated tables in our lounge or on the patio.
We are self-supporting and have never been subsidized by this or any administration. Although we provide an incomparable service to the University, the FSC is obliged to depend on membership dues, a modest endowment, and marginal profits to meet expenses.
We are open to all full and part-time staff, faculty, administrators, students and visitors from off campus. Non-member guests are always welcome at the FSC with or without members.
The FSC independently contracts with Aztec Shops. Our independence is our passion and our pride. We determine our prices, menus, and amenities, but only as limited by the University in its exclusive dealings with Aztec Shops, which provides the manager and student staff who are happy to serve you.
We provide delicious, healthful restaurant food in varied menus. Our monthly specials feature various national cuisines give our chefs the opportunity to show off their talent. If you prefer lighter meals, our salads and dressings are fresh and offer healthy choices.
We serve beer and wine. Moderately priced, moderately dispensed.

For further questions, please contact the Club at (619) 594-5178.